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Let them eat cake.

Despite the exterior facade of health I feebly attempt to maintain, everybody knows I am obsessed with cake, in all shapes and forms. I am also obsessed with retro fashion and have a certain penchant for ‘kitsch’. My sister says this means I’m just far too interested in crap, which may partially be true, but in the case of new cafe on the block Kitschnbake (you see where they’re going with this…), it most certainly isn’t.

Perched on the banks of the River Tay, sandwiched between the local pub and a block of flats, the enticing waft of baking emanating from the kitchen is enough to make your mouth water before you’ve even crossed the threshold. Inside, owner Mary-Jane has decked the place out with an eclectic mix of refurbished furniture, colourful handmade lampshades and an oak serving counter (upon admiring it, I am informed it has been sourced from eBay. My kind of lady.) Collections of vintage teapots and mismatched cups and saucers sit haphazardly in vintage cabinets adorned with fairy lights, while stacks of various flavoured jams sit tall, arranged in an old bookcase by the wall. This avant-garde café has managed to mesh modern with old school, and the result is cracking.

Officially opened in November, owner Mary-Jane is a person whose passion for Kitsch matches her flair for baking, which of course is how the very concept of Kitschnbake was born. Entirely self-taught, her obvious talent and creativity is shown through both the interior of the café and, of course, the delicious array of cakes that I can no longer pretend this review isn’t about.

From Peach Melba to Victoria Sponge, mint chocolate brownies to marshmallow cheesecake, tImagehere is a myriad of sweet treats to satisfy all intensities of sugar cravings. In other words; if you want it, Kitschnbake has well and truly got it.

As a lady with a notoriously sweet tooth, my delight at the opening of this local business is beyond words. My waistline may have something to say about it, but the ckerb gives Kitschnbake full points and bonus ones for the place’s amaze deck-out. A truly fabulous addition to Newport-on-Tay.

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