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August means only one thing here in Scotland…. insane traffic, fancy dress and overweight Americans in plastic ponchos. The 054Edinburgh Festival is here!

Keen beans that we are, we descended on Edinburgh from various corners of the country on Friday, just in time for the first night of the festival and this year’s Late’n’Live. Despite part of our contingent falling asleep halfway through the show (no reflection on the comedians, only the amount of booze consumed) and the other half disappearing to the beer tent outside to befriend the unfortunate Barry, our celebrity of the night who was still visibly recovering from his on stage metaphorical crucifixion by one of the comedians, it was one of those heady summer nights, its magic fully saturated by the atmosphere you can only find at the Fringe.

From live music in pubs, dinner in a Chinese restaurant with only enough room for three tables and one large, ominous looking and unexplained trapdoor, beer tents, fairy lights, Sobranies, fake marriages, jagerbombs, Mark Darcy-esque fights and drunken races in the meadows, to bed at 6am on an uninflated air mattress, once again the random nature of the night and hilarious sequence of events was one which can never be replicated, only loosely based upon in Festivals to come. To The Fringe, 2014!




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