The Little Things

Ah, to be home!

Since moving to Edinburgh just over a year ago, thanks to university and work commitments (among of course irresponsible weekend boozing priorities and consequent days spent in bed), visits back to my seaside hometown of Tayport have been few and far between.

So this weekend I pootled back home in my little blue car to visit my Mum in her crumbling old house on the Tay. Although fairly miserable weather on the Saturday, the Sunday I left to head back to the capital was one of the most glorious autumnal days I have ever seen.

Relishing the prospect of a walk on the beach in the east neuk, senza the usual experience of wind/rain/mad hair/the enjoyable combination of all three, we headed to our local beach Tentsmuir.

Tentsmuir has changed a lot in the years since my childhood. There is now a controversial charge of £2 for the privilege of driving your car there, for example.

HOWEVER. (And here is the “little thing” that inspired this post and brightened most of my weekend, however sad you may think my life is, I do not take any of it back.) In the little corner of the small field of grass next to the forest, there is now a CREPE SHACK. Run by a man from Tiree and his French girlfriend, Tentsmuir’s exciting new addition attracted dog walkers, old couples, and hungry Tayportians like my mum and I to their little corner of creative genius. Complete with bunting, logs, and even an authentic wetsuit hanging on the adjacent tree (surfing on their quiet periods?), the little hut immediately filled my 25-year-old self with a 5-year-old’s sense of excitement.

Sitting in the glorious rays of autumn sunshine on little decorated, cushioned tree stumps, eating a ham, cheese and beetroot chutney crepe rolled into a cone and oozing with deliciousness, with a cup of coffee decorated in snowflakes (the miserable readers among you may find this Christmas gesture has come a pinch early but I for one embraced this bold gesture from the Crepe Shack!) I was quite honestly happy beyond words.

Thus, the true point of this silly little blog post is really that, whatever trials and tribulations you may face in your life, whatever crap happens, whoever is grinding your gears and however negative you might feel at any one point, you should know that if you take the time (approximately 20 seconds to consume said crepe personally) to appreciate the little things and let them enhance your mood, the big things you let get to you can be brought down to size, too. Amen to the crepe shack, in all its bunt-iful glory.

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