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Scandinavia is having a big moment. First it infiltrated our roads (the stoic Volvo), then our living rooms (two words: Poang chair). Now it’s on our televisions, in our bellies (their pastry game is just too strong damnit) and – with the rise of the somewhat middle-class trend of chasing “Hygge” – it’s even begun to inform our psyche.

Edinburgh, and Leith in particular, has become home to various Scandi bars and cafés over the past few years. So it seems only right to dedicate a blog post this Tuesday to my favourite Nordic eating and drinking spots in our almost-Nordic capital.

Boda Bar (also Victoria, Sofi’s, Joseph Pearce)

All owned by the same team –     Swedish couple Anna and Mike Christopherson – these Leith-dwelling cafes and bars have successfully captured the sought-after essence of cosy Scandinavia. Boda on Leith Walk and Sofi’s on the shore are smaller, and my favourite setting for a quiet drink and chat.

Victoria and Joseph Pearce’s are a bit bigger and great for weekend pints and Swedish meatball gorging #dribble.

Peter’s Yard

Located in both Stockbridge and a larger one on the Quartermile, the only thing better than the coffee here are the pastries. Don’t leave without getting a Kardemummabulle (Cardamom bun). Sit back, take a bite and witness your life changing before your very eyes.

Nordic Affar

Half café half Scandi-grocery, this place on Leith Walk is cute for a quick coffee and peruse of various lesser known Scandinavian delights. If you’re feeling adventurous and fancy sampling some Finnish salty licquorice, this is your place. However the real people-pleaser, I have to admit, lies in the cinnamon buns.

What’s your fave thing to come from Scandinavia?

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