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High five for Leith brunchin’

It could be that I’m just getting old, but these days I definitely get more excited about eating at a table than dancing on one. (Though if a weekend can incorporate both then it’s a hands down – or up, however you wanna boogie – winner.)

Like an anti-Trump ralley, the Six Nations rugby or the husky tones of Bob Marley, brunch is one of those things that just brings people together. As soon as anyone mentions the word, you just know your day’s on the incline.

So, as we slide serenely into the Easter weekend, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite little spots for this inbetween-y magical eating time. I’ve sampled many such spots around Edinburgh, but for the sake of retaining your interest and bigging up the ‘hood, here are my favourite Leith bruncheries.


A stone’s throw from my abode, I’m a pretty dedicated regular at this Turkish-inspired café/deli. It’s bright, airy, has a great ceiling (important), and their range of egg dishes are the bizz. ‘Eggs on the Shore’ under the café’s “weekend specials” category is my particular fave – Toasted muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce sprinkled with chives. They also do great little stacks of pancakes which are #to #die #for.


This little place on the Quay has a really big menu and to be honest I love it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s dog-friendly (I don’t own a dog but regularly lust after other people’s, like the creeper I truly am) and has lots of options. Personal brunch fave would be one of their (humungous range of) crepes, but they also do a good selection of breakfast stuff including fab French toast with maple syrup and bacon.


Any Leithers worth their salt will have paid a visit to this little weekend wonder already but for those of you who haven’t – get on it. An unassuming little industrial yard by week, Pitt Street comes to life as a food and drinks market every Saturday (but also on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Easter!). From 10am to 10pm, it’s £2 entry and a gateway to great music, amazing food (macaroni with chorizo is all I’m saying, though there’s different stuff every week and it’s always bang tidy), drink and, again, loads of cute dogs…. #creepydoglady.


I go here as much for the decoration as for the breakfasts. The fairy-lit, kitsch-adorned, chandelier-ed haven of retro games machines, pinball and 90s ghetto blasters makes staring at walls a positively enjoyable pastime. Their full breakfast and eggs benedict are the particular bomb, washed down with a consistently on point coffee.


Because as if I’d leave out a place that serves cocktails in teapots. I know this is a post about brunch spots but this place is great for any occasion! Sunday roasts are particularly scrumptious here, but don’t leave it until the last minute as they do run out (I learned this the hard way.) Brunch is served 10am-5pm and includes all the usual suspects – including haggis, because it’s the freakin’ weekend baby.

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