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Finding a good hairdresser is like finding a good partner. It can take time, tears, and tantrums, but when you find the one you ain’t never letting go.

In my 26 years I’ve never had any particular loyalty to a hairdresser. As a student my hairdresser choices were dictated by whoever I could find in my Snapfax (ah, remember them?). There was a period (best forgotten) of trialing home dyes (word of warning – the colour on the box is not real, you are chasing a pipe dream), before I graduated to trawling Treatwell for local hairdressers whose prices didn’t determine whether or not I could afford to eat for the rest of the month.

So, after years of being a bit promiscuous when it came to the hairdressing scene, last September I booked an appointment at Kalon Hair on a whim. Given my history, at this point the salon was to me just another frog to kiss on my quest for what seemed like unattainable hairdresser happiness.

As a long-term disciple of bleach, let’s just say my hair just 7 months ago was a bit of a shocker. The professional that she is, Sarah calls it “fragile” but we all know what bleach-on-bleach does to fine hair. As I say – shocker.

So despite the monumental task I presented her in the form of my somewhat offensive barnet, Sarah has managed to achieve the near impossible. A shampoo change, regular trims, responsible colouring and Olapex-a-plenty, my hair, though still coloured (old habits), now resembles an almost healthy state.

So, when did I know Sarah was The One? Probably within the first few minutes of my colouring consultation. I said I wanted more blonde and she basically said no. Instead of leaping to argue my case, it made me appreciate straight away how professional she was. She could see my hair was begging to have a break from the peroxide, and instead of taking my money and doing what I wanted, she discussed other options and shared her (extremely experienced) opinion on what she thought was the best route given the condition of my hair.

Adding to that is the sense of absolute trust you get in Sarah straight away. We’ve all had those experiences of walking out of a salon with half a foot of hair missing when you asked for half an inch off, or with a “smooth finish” that sees your hair straightened to your scalp in an effort to rival 2004 style standards. You know Sarah’s got the best interests for your hair and has a great knack of really understanding what it is you want done. It’s for these reasons that Sarah has my fierce loyalty as a bonafide “regular”. She’s made my hair look decent again and the feeling that brings just never gets old.

I’ve attached a little before and after that Sarah took to show how bad it really was and how much it’s improved, as well as a little toilet selfie cos when the light is that good, it’s criminal not to.

If anyone in Edinburgh is currently roaming listlessly in hairdresser purgatory, check out Sarah at Kalon Hair. If she can make my hair look like this, imagine what she could do for yours – just sayn’.


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