Rookie hookin’.


So last week the boyf, our neighbours and I went along to check out Projekt 42, a new gym space at the Newkirkgate shopping centre, Leith.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Projekt 42 is a new community gym and wellness centre. As a charity, it’s supported by donations and grants and aims to provide “mindful exercise” to the people who need it most. They’re currently in the process of building their gym and wellness centre just off Leith Walk, so the location at Newkirkgate is a temporary one.

Anyhoo, we heard about it, thought it sounded cool and since it’s 5 minutes from the flat, we thought we’d check it out. Here are my thoughts…


You partner up (ideally with someone of a similar strength to you to avoid a potential black eye when on the pads). You alternate gloves and pads and follow the combinations the instructor Barry explains throughout, for short intense periods.

He then got us to do 3 rounds of exercises using your body weight to strengthen your all over muscle groups – think burpess, walk down push-ups, planks, shooting stars and jumping lunges (ouch).


  • Our instructor Barry was a really positive, encouraging guy and really motivated you to push yourself. The class was boxing mixed with some HIIT which, two days later, is still killing my core and legs.
  • It was a workout in the proper sense of the word – we were dripping with sweat by the end which is nothing short of a good sign for me!
  • All the weights are brand spanking new and they have a huge selection of freeweights, ranging to about 44kg
  • The classes are really good value and easy to book. We paid £4 each for a 45 minute class. Download the app Glofox to book online or through the web portal on their website.


  • You prefer to use gym equipment when you exercise – i.e., treadmills, spin bikes, weight machines. It’s literally an empty room with some freeweights so unless you have a particular routine and feel comfortable playing around with dumbells, I’d stick to a proper gym space or wait until the permanent location opens!
  • You prefer a more structured environment to do classes in. Because Projekt 42 is brand new and only temporary, there’s less of a formality to the way the classes are taught compared to bigger gym chains

Overall a great concept with good fun, effective classes. They range from HIIT to yoga so there’s something for everyone. Shift yo ass and go check ’em out!

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