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Review: The Salvation of Leith

With a prime spot on the shore, a (potentially) sun-drenched beer terrace and highly Instagrammable outdoor seating, The Salvation certainly has an aesthetic that commands attention. I’m invited along for a spot of feeding and watering to see if its dishes match up to its design.

I did my usual and took a corner spot facing towards the restaurant, so I can size the place up to my heart’s content. There’s most certainly a nod (perhaps even a full on head twerk) towards the ‘industrial chic’ trend currently driving the global interior market. Exposed brickwork, hanging lights, and button-backed leather seating immediately meet my line of vision.

You’re all thinking it so indeed I shall confirm: it’s a bit of a hipster joint. But not to a socks and sandals or (spoiler) tofu extent, so we’re still good here.

Moving onto the menu.

Kicking off, we had a smoked salmon and calamari salad with lime and garlic dressing, and spicy chicken wings. And I gotta say, it was a strong start. I was impressed with the salad in particular as often calamari can be disappointing, but the texture was great and the flavours all worked together nicely.


If you haven’t visited this place or heard of it already, be warned the main course options consist pretty much entirely of burgers – which is fine by me but for those who prefer a lighter meal, it’s probably not the place for you.

But back to the burgers.

As a big spice fan, I had the promisingly-named El Inferno chicken burger with chilli con carne, jalapenos and Frank’s Redhot sauce. It wasn’t as spicy as I would’ve liked but was still absolutely delicious. Across the table there was a satisfied silence as Insta Bf – known to a select few as Dangerous Dave – was chowing down a Mighty Quinn burger, with Crabbies “drunken” pulled pork and blue cheese. Being a girl, I of course had a bite of his too, which pleased my tastebuds to an equal extent. To accompany our mains we swerved traditional chips in favour of paprika-smoked halloumi fries and sweet potato fries, which both hit the spot nicely.


You may think after this feast we would struggle to eat a dessert – well, reader, you are wrong. (OK we shared one but it was still a solid effort). It turns out The Salvation have a range of sexy desserts, including Cony Island Cheesecake Sundaes – the name itself even gets me a bit flustered. We ordered the Cracker Jack, with banana, popcorn and salted caramel. It was incredible, but make sure you’re a fan of cream – there is quite an abundance.


All in all, The Salvation is the place to go if you’re looking for a beer and a relaxed bite to eat. The burgers definitely won me over, and there’s a good choice of sides for accompaniment. I’m not a big beer drinker but even I could appreciate this place had an impressive selection of good quality beers, and from one look at the bar, lots of spirits on offer too. It’s a pretty simple menu but it does it well, which is key to carrying it off.

Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy good burgers, tidy beer, and – importantly – have a good appreciation of jazzy outdoor furnishings. It’s also dog friendly which always gets extra approval from me. A welcome addition to the shore!

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