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In the transient world of fashion, there are more trends to keep up with now than possibly ever before. With a catalogue of iconic decades behind us, there’s inspiration to be taken from just about anywhere, at any time.

As a lil’ fun blog post (at least for me, but look away now if you’re easily offended), I’ve put together my Yahs and Nahs for 2017 trends and offendz.


  • Classic slogan tees. I am all about those Levis, CK classics and Tommy jeans. Gimme.
  • Gucci belts. They seem to have an ability to bring any outfit together (why am I poor).
  • IMG_2365They’ve been around for a while, but Bardot tops are still absolutely killing it
  • ….Especially when paired with a mom jean (one of my fave man-repelling garments. If your ass ain’t either hungry or saggy in equal measure you’re wearing them wrong).
  • Velvet jumpers. So simple. So chic. So day and night-y.
  • Sheer – anything sheer. Sheer with floral, sheer with polka dots. Anything to show off my….
  • Pretty triangle bras.



  • I’m gonna have to dive in with fluffy flip flops. The very idea of them is just far too bipolar. And I’ve yet to see any person, aside from Insta fashion queen Eva Chen (not exactly your average high street chick) who can actually pull them off.
  • Jeans with far too many rips: I’m talking thigh, knee, ass…. Unless you’ve just narrowly escaped a pack of feral wolves there’s no excuse for these.
  • Now I know this may be a controversial one as they seem to be tres popular of late, but Adidas Superstars – aka “shell toes” – are far too reminiscent of ‘90s school discos (when I used to team them with a pair of sexy poppers – you know the ones).
  • Cropped flares. I’ve seen a few gals sporting these recently and I just can’t get my head round them. It’s like 1972 has grown a foot but not yet made it to the tailor. Nil loafers
  • Gucci made it into my YAH list, but alas they are to be the Golden Raspberry of this blog post as I will NEVER approve of their fur-lined, backless loafer contraptions. Genuinely looks like you’ve stood on roadkill. Next.
  • Anything Disney on anyone over the age of 10.
  • Choker bikinis. It kind of looks like the attire of a new-age sex slave. So in the eternal words of Duncan Bannatyne – for that reason I’m out.

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