5 reasons to love the (Autumn) season


The fading of tans, layering of clothes and packing away of novelty inflatables make Autumn a bit unpopular to die-hard Summer fans. Sandwiched between summer (yay!) and Christmas (double yay!), Autumn, for some, is probably a bit like puberty: awkward, unpredictable, neither here nor there… Lots of people probably want it to just end already so they can get onto the good stuff (Santa. Or his damn beard.)

Personally, I love the Autumn. It’s something to do with the intangibility of it – the shifting of colours and smells. Living in Scotland, that tired old villain Rain will predictably be a force to contend with too- but for me that’s a small price to pay for the ability to layer up, crunch through leaves, consume hot beverages (alcohol optional but generally recommended), carve pumpkins, and finally light that spiced-something candle you bought in July.

Before I get too carried away in my romantic Autumn daydream, let me share with you 5 things that can convince any fence-sitter to “fall” in love (sorry not sorry) with this cosy season.

So here’s what’s on my Autumn ’17 to-do list.


ONE. The Enchanted Forest, Perthshire

I’ve been wanting to go here for years, but have never actually made it. So I’ve decided. 2017 is my year.

In case you haven’t heard of it – from 28 September to the 29 October, Faskally Wood near Pitlochry is transformed into an “Enchanted Forest“, with incredible lighting, visuals and music. I plan to go, buy many glasses of mulled wine, perhaps eat some sort of unhealthy burger thing, and appreciate the glory of nature in the Autumn (and some cool jazzy lights).

TWO. The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

I’d just moved to Edinburgh when I made my first trip here in 2014, and it was one of my boyfriend and I’s first dates, so I’ve got a particular fondness for this spot. I’ve been to the Autumn light show here for the past two years, but this has now been trumped in favour of a Christmas event. The gardens are still one of the most beautiful places you can be on a sunny day in Autumn, though. Go at night and you can get a mulled vino from their booze van, too… (do I have a problem?)

THREE. Oktoberfest

As if I need to convince you that drinking beer and eating bratwurst is a great idea. (I have a problem, don’t I?)  OK so it’ll never be Munich, but Edinburgh’s got a wannabe in Princes Street Gardens and that’s good enough for a non-German, non-beer connoisseur, comme moi. Although I’m in London later in October so will be hitting up Erdinger Oktoberfest at the Greenwich Peninsula. Prost!

FOUR. Samhuinn/Beltane fire festival

So I feel like this is regarded as one of those Edinburgh myths, much like that well-known “best place in the world for new year” patter. My reasons for this? No Edinburgh local seems to have actually heard of, or been to it. But this is the year I plan to test this “Celtic New Year” out for myself and get lost among the, er… fire sticks and hooded people. (It’s not a KKK gathering, I swear.) Read more about it on their page….

FIVE. Jupiter Artland 

Okay fine so technically this isn’t an exclusively “Autumn” experience, but the grounds look absolutely beautiful and I’ve been meaning to go for ages. And what better season to feel smug and cultured than in the arms of a crisp, autumnal day, in somewhere that alarmingly resembles Tubby land. No, YOU’RE uncultured. https://www.jupiterartland.org/


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