10 things that made me happy last month

It can be a tough old world out there. The past month has been littered with various personal stresses, ones that we as humans let get us down too easily. While it’s important to ruminate on the difficult stuff – character building and all that – you can’t afford to overlook those little things in life that make it all worth living.

So in this nu-age spirit of positivity, mindfulness and general life enthusiasm, here’s a little round-up of April, where the following 10 things reignited my recently dampened outlook.

1. A fun photoshoot with inspiring people

I kicked the month off with a really fun photoshoot with one of Scotland’s key style influencers, Scot Street Style, and the wonderful photographer Ellie Morag.

I had such a good time meeting new people, wandering through little corners of Leith and going full on trial and error on certain poses and walks. There’s something so life-affirming about shoots like that, where you can just forget yourself, have fun and surrender yourself to the moment.

It’s strictly hush hush for now, but if all goes to plan the results should be revealed soon so, as they say, watch this space.

2. The boyfriend’s birthday

‘Cos what’s nicer than seeing your partner happy? Piggybacking on their celebrations of course.

For Dave’s actual birthday we went out for dinner at Leith Chop House – a venue I’m drawn to as much for its pleasing industrial and marble aesthetics as I am to its menu.

Oh god though, that menu. Those cocktails.

Happily, Dave’s birthday also fell on a Tuesday which is Leith Chop House’s BYOB night. Which meant sirloin steak served with many glasses of Sainsbury’s finest Malbec. Result.

3. A visit to the Harry Potter pop-up bar

Being a bloggaaaaa, it was of course inevitable that I’d end up here at some point. In the company of blogging comrades and top champs KK and Daniel we descended on this place on a rainy weeknight – and I gotta say, the simplicity (or severe complication, if you’re Daniel….) of getting to mix your own cocktail perked my mood right up.

The interiors have now been replaced by Rick and Morty-inspired Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, which opens this weekend. Hurrah.

4. A weekend in Aberdeen

When your soul needs some love, is there any better cure than good pals, booze, insanely good food, hilarious chat and daytime activities?

If your answer to that was anything other than ‘no’, you gotta get living asap.

Highlights included a tour of the NuArt murals around Aberdeen, a trip to Lane 7 and the 70s-inspired cheese toastie Mecca that is Melt. Next time you’re in the vicinity you have, have, have to go – if not for the toasties then do it for the brownies – or at the very least the vintage wallpaper.

6. Interiors collection for the new flat

You know you’re firmly ensconced in your late twenties when nothing stands your hair on end like a beautiful piece of furniture. Or, indeed, a neon sign.

Yup, the first two things we’ve bought for our flat so far consist of a chest of drawers, found in the beautiful Pad Lifestyle sample sale at Custom House a few weeks ago, and a neon sign emblazoned with one of my favourite quotes. And yes, you will have to wait until I grace my grid with this beautiful specimen to find out what said quote is.

7. First Pitt of the year

One of the things I love most about Leith is the energy that surrounds it, a large generator of which is the mass of events and activities that are happening here all the time.

Pitt Street market ranks highly in my list of favourite weekend repasse – especially when it’s a babe of a day and I’m surrounded by some of my favourite people!

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t been since last November so my return to this fabulous outdoor market came with a bang.

8. Double wedding Saturday

The first Saturday of April was spent attending two weddings in two different cities (first one Dundee, second one Edinburgh!)

There’s something so beautiful and life-affirming about seeing an unwavering love between two people, and how that love extends itself through the room to friends and family.

I’m not going to another wedding until October and I think I may be more excited than my friends themselves. Super dooper excited to see one of my favourite couples ever get married.

9. Getting my hurr did

You can’t get your hair done and be miserable. Well, unless it’s horrendous, or not what you asked for. Or, god help you, both.

Thankfully I get mine done by a hair goddess who walks among us, found a couple of years ago by chance at Kalon Hair.

I’ve definitely raved about this place before (any excuse) but honestly, my hair hasn’t looked or felt this good in years. Every time I leave the salon it makes me feel like I have – at least temporarily – got my life together. Yay for balayage, regular trims, a curling wand and Sarah.

10. A good old fashioned book

As an English Literature degree holder, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to books. If I don’t get ‘feels’ I tend to throw them aside before I’ve reached the first 100 pages.

Now, you’ve probably heard this already but quite honestly, Gail Honeyman’s debut novel Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is one of the best books I’ve read in a long, long time.

I came home from work most days, sprawled on the sofa and read this solidly. It’s one of those ones that stays with you long after the last page is turned. Best £5 Amazon spend.

Here’s to May!


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