Seven-up: What I want to be wearing this Autumn

Since I have a body temperature akin to a Cullen, I’m always a fan of summer and its various draws. Sitting outside sans jacket, for example. And the green card it gives you to day drink at any given, sunny opportunity.

But despite these delicious benefits (and my circulatory shortcomings), it’s the cold seasons that really have my heart. Autumn for me is filled with a very unique kind of excitement. The smell of it. The slight edge in the air. Crisp mornings. The sight of your breath. Rosy cheeks. The glorification of hot drinks. Steamed up windows. Log fires.

But among the plethora of reasons fuelling my lifelong love affair with Autumn, is, of course, the wardrobe opportunities.

Here’s what I wanna be wearing this Autumn…..


Coloured textured coat

Let’s face it, Zara hits the spot when it comes to most trends. But it’s well known that their coats run the show when it comes to A/W. And it looks like they have excelled themselves this season. This textured burgundy number is on my hit list come pay day…



New knits

Cards on the table, hoarding knitwear is one of my particular fortes. A strong suit, of sorts. Come to my flat and you’ll easily find piles of jumpers in drawers, piled up in wardrobe(s), on the floor, on me…. (though not in my oven, comme SATC’s Carrie, as that whole thing was, quite frankly, offensive.) Anyway, you get the jist. I just can’t get enough.

But obviously I still have to keep buying them, ‘cos #logic. I bought this little beauty from ASOS recently, and another very similar one in white.



Pointed black chelsea boots


I’d be fascinated to know the science behind the Black Boot obsession that seems to encompass women across the age spectrum. Similar to my fond feelings for knits, I must own about 7 pairs of black boots.  And I am constantly on the look-out for more. Currently I’m fantasising about the perfect pair of heeled Chelseas – and these cowgirl-esque beauties from & Other Stories are a big object of desire.

Oversized patterned scarf

I’m a sucker for a scarf. Always have been, always will be. I find them to be a great adult replacement for the security blanket of toddler-hood. You’ll know by this far down in the post I am a complete winter accessories hoarder so it’ll come as little surprise that I already own several suitcases worth of scarves. But I’d still like to get my paws on this My Accessories (via ASOS) number.

Vampy lipstick

Nothing says Autumn like a slick of dark lippy. MAC, Queen of lipsticks, have a gorgeous blue-based red called ‘Sin’. And quite frankly I need it in my life this A/W.



Beanie there, done that… Still not satisfied. The ex ski-seasonnaire in me lives on in my favourite headwear of this time of year. I’ve taken to stealing the boy’s Carhartt hat, but will be investing in my own this Autumn to add to the collection.

Shaggy cardigan

This season I’ve got an unrestrained desire to channel my inner Big Bird. Shaggy cardigans have come a long way since gracing the back of Pat Butcher. Pair this & Other Stories number with an understated t-shirt, jeans and converse and you’ve got yourself the best Autumnal outfit for the least amount of effort. Ta-da!


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