Four days in Prague

Prague: a city known for its architecture, history, gastronomy and magnetism for British stag dos. The latter being, oddly, the reason I came to this city second time round (the first I was interrailing aged 20 with my best friend – enough said.) No, I wasn’t on a stag do, the boy was – and since flights were insanely cheap…
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Studio Emma

Every so often you stumble upon such an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page that your scrolling thumb eventually begins to stiffen in protest. This is what happened when I discovered the glorious profile of Emma McDowall – the brain child behind Edinburgh-based homeware brand Studio Emma. KK and I went along to her studio to find out more about how Emma’s…
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Hollow followings

I know this is a controversial way to start a blog post, but I think you lot can probably deal with it. You know when you quite like someone and then realise they vote Tory? Well, this is exactly the feeling I get when I realise people have bought their Instagram followers. It’s that sinking feeling of disappointment, pursued by…
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5 reasons to love the (Autumn) season

  The fading of tans, layering of clothes and packing away of novelty inflatables make Autumn a bit unpopular to die-hard Summer fans. Sandwiched between summer (yay!) and Christmas (double yay!), Autumn, for some, is probably a bit like puberty: awkward, unpredictable, neither here nor there… Lots of people probably want it to just end already so they can get…
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