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Hollow followings

I know this is a controversial way to start a blog post, but I think you lot can probably deal with it. You know when you quite like someone and then realise they vote Tory? Well, this is exactly the feeling I get when I realise people have bought their Instagram followers. It’s that sinking… Read More Hollow followings


Big little (weekend) lies

Ah – another Monday, another week ahead scattered with pieces of all the broken promises I made to myself over the weekend. It’s occurred to me that for much of my adult life, I lie to myself on a regular basis. Not sinister lies obviously, I’m not harvesting bones in an allotment. Just sometimes I’m guilty of promising great things… Read More Big little (weekend) lies


The Best Is Yet To Come

In a world clouded with uncertainty, and heightened feelings of scared anxiety surrounding the future of both our own generation and that of our country, I read something recently which lifted my spirits and has stayed with me. “What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t yet… Read More The Best Is Yet To Come

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Sleazy Street

Despite being published over 130 years ago, Jekyll and Hyde’s popularity remains intact. Directors, academics, authors and the riff-raff ourselves have spent centuries analysing what this work of fiction represents. Its themes and nuances transcend generations: magnetic and repellent all at once, the novel holds a place of privilege in the literary world as one… Read More Sleazy Street