Until relatively recently, Leith remained captive in its own reputational shackles. Considered locally as the “dock” area of Edinburgh, home to vagabonds and society’s other undesirables, the success of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting globally epitomised the area as an axis of poverty, substance abuse, crime and neglect.

It certainly wasn’t somewhere the genteel residents of wider Edinburgh would have considered for date night.

And yet.

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With a prime spot on the shore, a (potentially) sun-drenched beer terrace and highly Instagrammable outdoor seating, The Salvation certainly has an aesthetic that commands attention. I’m invited along for a spot of feeding and watering to see if its dishes match up to its design. View Post



So last week the boyf, our neighbours and I went along to check out Projekt 42, a new gym space at the Newkirkgate shopping centre, Leith.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Projekt 42 is a new community gym and wellness centre. As a charity, it’s supported by donations and grants and aims to provide “mindful exercise” to the people who need it most. They’re currently in the process of building their gym and wellness centre just off Leith Walk, so the location at Newkirkgate is a temporary one.

Anyhoo, we heard about it, thought it sounded cool and since it’s 5 minutes from the flat, we thought we’d check it out. Here are my thoughts… View Post


Finding a good hairdresser is like finding a good partner. It can take time, tears, and tantrums, but when you find the one you ain’t never letting go.

In my 26 years I’ve never had any particular loyalty to a hairdresser. As a student my hairdresser choices were dictated by whoever I could find in my Snapfax (ah, remember them?). There was a period (best forgotten) of trialing home dyes (word of warning – the colour on the box is not real, you are chasing a pipe dream), before I graduated to trawling Treatwell for local hairdressers whose prices didn’t determine whether or not I could afford to eat for the rest of the month. View Post


It could be that I’m just getting old, but these days I definitely get more excited about eating at a table than dancing on one. (Though if a weekend can incorporate both then it’s a hands down – or up, however you wanna boogie – winner.)

Like an anti-Trump ralley, the Six Nations rugby or the husky tones of Bob Marley, brunch is one of those things that just brings people together. As soon as anyone mentions the word, you just know your day’s on the incline.

So, as we slide serenely into the Easter weekend, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite little spots for this inbetween-y magical eating time. I’ve sampled many such spots around Edinburgh, but for the sake of retaining your interest and bigging up the ‘hood, here are my favourite Leith bruncheries. View Post