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La Dolce Vita

’60s architecture, bouncing rain and a stray ginger cat staring gloomily out from underneath a nearby tree are the main components making up my current vision. I am also in all seriousness wearing my jacket inside as the office is a wee bit chilly. I could do with a cup of tea but they only… Read More La Dolce Vita

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North West

Separated from the mainland by only a tiny stretch of water, over which is built the charming humpback Clachan Bridge, or “Bridge over the Atlantic” as it is also known (turns out the stretch of water is in fact the Atlantic Sea – albeit a mere dribble of it), lies Seil Island, an amazing landmark… Read More North West

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West is Best

Can you believe this bizarre little abandoned Wild West themed street is in the heart of Morningside? Just another reason why, despite my Weegie loyalties, the city of Edinburgh continues to win my affections. For it is true, there is something inexplicably alluring about being kept guessing, and among the cobblestones of this enigmatic city… Read More West is Best