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West is Best

Can you believe this bizarre little abandoned Wild West themed street is in the heart of Morningside? Just another reason why, despite my Weegie loyalties, the city of Edinburgh continues to win my affections. For it is true, there is something inexplicably alluring about being kept guessing, and among the cobblestones of this enigmatic city… Read More West is Best


Anomic Bombs

Once upon a time holidays were designed for times of happy escape. The British holiday in particular was seized upon by many propagandists and painted as a utopic scene of family harmony. Happy children splashed in the shore, overlooked by mothers in spotted bathing suits while fathers relaxed in striped deckchairs, sipping on a ginger… Read More Anomic Bombs

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Lightbulb Moments

As with most cities, every so often its dwellers crave a bit of escape. A touch of greenery, perhaps. A quiet exhibition. If you live in Edinburgh, you can – for one month only! – enjoy a delicious combination of both. Hurrahhhhh. Until the 24th of November, the Botanic Gardens are displaying a light show… Read More Lightbulb Moments